The struggles of being an artist by Semaj’nae Jordan

Being an artist is definitely not easy. If you think so, then you should try it for yourself and trust me, it’s up and downs with art. Any type of art will make you scratch your head in confusion, or it might have a strong, deep meaning that you can find out for yourself or with the help of others. Art can just be fan art or it could be your own masterpiece. It might not be a masterpiece in the eyes of others, but trust me if you see your own art as a masterpiece almost nothing else matters. But there are many steps to making your own masterpiece.  Listed below are the common struggles of being an artist.



Having people over you while you draw.


See this is a common issue of being an artist. I know you like to see our process of drawing and sometimes we love the attention and the compliments but it has a limit. We don’t like being hovered over for too long. We love that you like our art but please give us some space.

  2) Drawing Hands

Another problem most artists have hands can be all different kinds of shape and sizes. In real life, you use your hands frequently.  How much your hand size gets in the way depends on what art style you are drawing. Drawing hands often has us erasing and drawing and erasing and drawing until it is just right.

   3) Having a non-artist, being a critic of a future artist

See this is no disrespect towards people who want to get their drawing just right for the art projects, but if you have someone draw you your favorite band member or your favorite superhero, please don’t tell us to change this or that or telling us this doesn’t look right. We’re trying our best and you asked us, for our help. We want to get it just right for you and that’s our goal.

   4) Smudging our sketches

When you do sketches or realism with pencil, a terrible thing is when they get smudged to the point that we can’t even fix it and we just give up. It’s not easy sketching realism, as a realism artist myself, and just drawing eight a number two pencil an eraser and some tissue it is really hard. So if we smudge it we just throw it across the room. It’s really frustrating.

   5) And last but not least ART BLOCK

This is the worst thing you can have as an artist. It’s just like writer’s block but with art instead. For people who don’t know about art block. It’s when you have no ideas and you just stare at a blank page thinking of what to draw FoR hOuRs. It happens randomly but it usually happens to me after I make a great drawing. It is inevitable and it’s a very big pain.


So this is another problem most artists have. So please learn from this to understand what we are going through. You may think being an artist is easy, but in reality, it’s really not. Please don’t take this article offensive for some of the writing in here, this is just something that happens to me daily. But there is not a day that goes by that I’m thankful for my art skills and I hope I encourage people to become an artist because even though it’s super hard, you can actually be very proud of yourself in the end.