WE Create Change

WE Create Change

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We Coin Drive

By Muna Mohamed


Have you ever felt helpless? Feeling like you only ever see the pain in the world? Do you doubt your education will get you far? Well, there are many kids in India who don’t even have the opportunity to attend school. There are many kids who work all day long only for a few cents of change. Humboldt’s We Coin Drive is trying to change that. Humboldt’s coin drive is trying send money to India to help build and support a quality school. Most of the country’s children, mostly girls, don’t have any access to basic education because families can’t afford for them to go or they don’t have adequate resources.

We need your help getting this kids in India a better education.  Humboldt students are giving back by helping people in need. Students in India  need more opportunity to have a better education. Humboldt always gives back by helping people in need.