What can you do about Climate Change?

What can you do about Climate Change?

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What can you do about climate change?

By: Kyla jones


Do you ever wonder how your actions impact the environment? Climate change is real. If you do wonder that, then keep reading to see what you can do to try to save the environment, and we can do to prevent climate change.

Let’s talk about what climate change is, climate change is the very slow process of the earth heating up the has always been heating up but at a stable rate, now with the rise of fossil fuels the CO2 level has steadily increasing within the past fifty years. Some examples of the impact of climate change include: the polar ice caps melting, extreme weather changes, droughts and flooding.   

Each person has a carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide

Individuals can… plant a tree or grow your own fruits and vegetables, turn off tv, computer and lights when not in use. Instead of turning up the heat when your cold use sweaters, blankets and socks, try riding a bike instead driving everywhere if you must use your car carpool.